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HVAC Design:

Our Mechanical Engineers stay current on all of the latest technologies available for mechanical systems.  This helps ensure that the systems they design are the most cost effective and efficient systems available today.

Central Plants:

We have extensive experience designing and retrofitting central central plants.  Many of our plant upgrade projects result in tremendous cost savings for an owner, in many cases resulting in dramatic reductions in energy consumption even after the square footage served is increased 10, 20 or 30 percent.  We have extensive experience with air cooled and liquid cooled chillers, geothermal systems and other system types.  As a result, we have the ability to analyze existing systems with great accuracy to help an owner determine what potential savings could be realized and what the payback period will be with different system types.  Contact us today and we'll be glad to discuss options with you.  We can evaluate system types so that an owner has concrete information when making large capitol investment decisions.

Other Mechanical & Plumbing Service:

  • Energy Management Systems:
  • Life Cycle Cost Evaluation for all system types
  • ​Plumbing Design

Electrical Design:

Our Electrical Engineers take pride in designing a system that will suit the owner's needs as much as possible, wether the priority is reliability, cost, performance, efficiency or some combinatino of the above.  We have the knowledge necessary to fulfill your needs.

Lighting Design:

Our lighting engineers have go through extensive effort to ensure that they design the most efficient and best performing lighting systems possible.  If your project requires a high-performance studio lighting system, sportslighting system,  or the most efficient, cost-effective lighting system possible, our engineers take pride in ensuring that the system is designed to do exactly what you need.  

Designing efficient, energy saving lighting systems is one area where ACI excels.  We emphasize efficient design on every project, and as a result we have a great amount of expertise on what actually works for efficient lighting.  We use software simulations using laboratory test data for light fixtures to obtain exactly the light level needed while not "overlighting" spaces.  As a result we routinely design lighting systems that result in savings of 40% to 70% less energy consumption than allowed by the most stringent energy codes.  Our lighting designs use 60% to 90% less energy than typical designs from just 20 years ago, while still providing light levels recommended by IES, the industry standard for determining appropriate light levels. This efficiency-centric approach results in dramatically lower energy costs but also lower initial material costs and lower maintenance costs due to fewer lamps and ballasts being installed.

Emergency Power Systems:

ACI has extensive experience with Mission Critical power systems, including Healthcare & Hospitals, Tier IV Data Centers, broadcast facilities, and government facilities as well as basic systems for schools and office buildings.

Co-Generation and Peak Shaving Systems:

ACI has designed Co-Generation and Peak Shaving systems utilizing generator paralleling gear and closed-transition transfer systems which save owners tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by reducing peak demand charges from utilities.

Other Electrical Services:​

Our other experience includes protective device coordination studies, I.T. and telecom systems, Mass Notification, Fire Alarm, Arc Flash studies, Security, Access Control, CCTV systems, Power Quality/Conditioning and more.

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